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Operating from Noida (Uttar Pradesh, India), Prolific Engineers is a major in the field of Testing Instruments and Computerized Testing Machines. Our company has been offering a full range of test equipment, and catering to the needs of diverse industries. We are a global supplier and key manufacturer in this field, working for customers’ unique applications and offering complete satisfaction. We provide the right examination, analytical solutions to meet your business needs. Also, we work for many different applications, types and materials. We have served for various governmental institutions, private and industrial projects. Our testing instruments ensure the finest production at competitive cost with on time delivery. 

Business Type

Exporter , Manufacturer , Supplier

Export Percentage


Primary Competitive Advantages

  • Extensive range of products
  • Competitive prices
  • Precise and accurate testing equipments

Sales Volume

Rs. 1.8 crore

No of Staff


Year of Establishment


No of Production Lines


Monthly Production Capacity

As per requirement

Product Range

  • Adhesive &  Adhesive Tapes

    • For Testing Adhesives: Bond Tester, Gel Timer, Hoppler Viscometer, Peel Tester, Rolling Ball Tack Tester, Hot Air Oven 

    • For Testing Adhesive Tapes: Adhesion Tester, Sole Adhesion Testers, Bar Electrodes, Bond Strength Tester, Flagging Tester, Flammability Tester, High Speed Unwind Characteristics Tester, High Voltage Tester, Hot Air Oven, Humidity Chamber, Jig for Electric Strength Tester, Low Temperature Elongation Tester, Penetration Resistance Tester, Pinhole Tester, Shear Adhesion Tester, Tape Retentivity Tester, Tensile Testing Machine, Thickness Gauge, Water Vapour Permeability Tester, Wrapping Device

  • Automobile Accessories

    • For Testing Automobile Interior Material: Flammability Tester-Horizontal Burnings, Fogging Tester, Flammability Tester-Vertical Burnings, Sound Absorbency Tester

    • For Testing Bumper: Compression Deflection Tester, Durability Tester

    • For Testing Fuel Tank/Lids: Endurance Tester, High Pressure Water Wash Tester, Leakage Tester

    • For Testing Lamps: Life Test Rig, Photometric Test Apparatus, Salt Spray Chamber, Torsion Tester, Vibration Tester

    • For Testing Mirrors: Bending Tester, Distortion Tester, Impact Tester, Radius of Curvature Testers, Reflectivity Tester

    • For Testing Mountings: Bond Tester, Compression Deflection Tester

    • For Testing Parking Brakes: Circumferential Strength Tester, Endurance Tester, Load Tester, Sideway Looseness Tester

    • For Testing Power Coupling: Static Torsion cum Torque Deflection Tester, Torsional Fatique Tester

    • For Testing Storage Batteries: Plastic Yield Tester, Vibration Tester, Water Bath

    • For Testing Automobile Switches: Endurance Tester, Millivolt Tester, Over Current Tester

    • For Testing Other Automobile Accessories: Endurance Test Rigs, Air Leakage Tester for Exhaust Seals, Dynamic Spring Constant Tester for Mufflers, Whip Tester for Break Hoses, Temperature Gauge Test Rig, Breaking Force Tester

  • Building Hardware

    • For Testing Decorative Laminated Sheets: Abrasion Resistance Tester, Boiling Water Resistance Tester, Clamping Device for Determination of Resistance to Cracking, Dimensional Stability Jig, Electric Strength Tester, Humidity Chamber, Impact Tester, Insulation Resistance Tester, Universal Testing Machine,

    • For Testing Glazed Tiles: Abrasion Tester, Transverse Strength Tester, Impact tester

    • For Testing Linoleum Sheet & Flooring Tiles: Abrasion Tester, Apparatus for Testing Resistance to various Substances, Chlorine Evaluation Tester, Curling Tester, Deflection Tester, Dimensional Stability Tester, Elasticity Tester, Exposure Rack, Flammability Tester, Flexibility Tester, Impact Tester, Indentation Tester, Length & Width Gauge Tester, Moisture Movement Apparatus, Ply Adhesive Tester, Residual Indentation Tester, Squareness Tester, Thickness Gauge, Water Bath

    • For Testing Plywood/Flush Doors: Edge Straightness and Squareness Testing Jig, Edge Immersion Tester, Flammability/Fire Resistance Tester, Humidity Chamber, Impact Indentation Tester, Loading Tester, Shock Resistance Tester, Slamming Tester, Tensile Testing cum Glue Shear Strength Tester, Water Bath,

    • For Testing Stoneware Pipe: Crushing Tester, Hydraulic Tester

  • Cables & Conduits

    • For Testing Of Cables: Abrasion Tester, Ageing Ovens (Cell Type), Bending & Twist Tester, Cold Impact Tester, Environment Stress Cracking Apparatus, Exposures Rack, Flammability Tester, Flexing Apparatus, Hot Deformation Tester, Hot Set Tester, Melt Flow Index Apparatus  Prolific-test-equipment, Notch Propagation Test Apparatus, Oxygen/Air Bomb Tester, Oxygen Index Apparatus, Smoke Density Tester, Specific Gravity Balance, Static Flexibility Tester, Tensile Testing Machine, Thermal Stability Tester, Torsion Tester, Vacuum Oven, Vicat Softening Point Apparatus, Water bath

    • For Testing Conduits: Ball Pressure Tester, Bending Device, Collapse Tester, Combustion Apparatus, Compression Tester, Electrical Characteristics Tester, Gauges for Checking Dimensions, Heat Resistance Tester, Impact Tester, Oil Bath

    • For Testing Optical Fibre Cables/Ducts: Bend Tester, Crush Tester, Repeated Bending Tester, Tensile Tester, Torsion Tester, Water Penetration Tester, Co-efficient of Friction Tester

  • Electrical Accessories & Appliances

    • Common Test Equipments: Accessibility Test Probes, Ball Pressure Tester, BNF Jet Apparatus, Cord Grip (Anchorage) Tester, Cord Guard (Flexing) Tester Draught Proof Enclosure, Dust Test Chamber, Earthing Connection Tester, Fire Resistance Tester, Glow Wire Tester, High Voltage Tester, Humidity Chamber, Impact Tester-Pendulum Type, Insulation Resistance Tester, Isolating Transformer, Leakage Current Tester, Multi-Purpose Test Panels, Oblique Rain Tester, Salt Spray Chamber, Splash Tester, Spring Hammer, Stability Tester, Torque Screw Driver, Tracking Index Apparatus, Vertical Rain Tester, Vibration Tester

    • For Testing Ceiling Roses: Apparatus for Testing Cord Grip

    • For Testing Circuit Breakers: Endurance Tester, Pull Tester, Mechanical Shock Tester, Mechanical Load Tester,

    • For Testing Fans & Regulators: Air Delivery Tester, Endurance Tester for Regulators, Tensile Tester for Suspension Rods, Torsion Tester for Suspension Rods

    • For Testing Fluorescent Tubes, Starters & Ballasts: Hood for Heating Test, Photometric Tester, Thermal Endurance Oven, Torsion Tester, Tumbling Barrel,

    • For Testing Food Mixers: Apparatus for Testing Strength of Assembly of Bowls     

    • For Testing Fuses and Switch Gears: Breaking Capacity Tester, Mechanical Endurance Tester, Mechanical Strength Tester, Temperature Rise and Power Dissipation Tester, Withdrawal Force Tester

    • For Testing Hot Air Fans: Air Delivery Duct, Drop Tester, Performance Tester for Thermostat, Vibration Tester

    • For Testing Hot Plates & Stoves: Mechanical Shock Tester, Thermal Efficiency Tester

    • For Testing Inverters: Efficiency Test Apparatus     

    • For Testing Irons & Steam Irons: Apparatus for Measuring Idling Temperature, Apparatus for Measuring Temperature Drop Under Load, Cord Guard (Flexing) Tester, Drop Tester, Endurance Tester, Steaming Time Tester

    • For Testing Lamps: Lamp Cap Temperature Rise Tester, Life Test Apparatus, Test Panel, Torsion Tester, V2 Meter

    • For Testing Lamp Holders: Gauges for checking Interchangeability, Heating Tester, Loading Tester,

    • Temperature Rise Tester, Test Device for Testing of Protection Against Electric Shock, Torsion Tester

    • For Testing Luminaires: Goniometer, Photometric Test Apparatus, Restricted Breathing Tester

    • For Testing Plugs & Sockets: Apparatus for Compression Test and for Testing Non-Solid Pins, Breaking Capacity Tester, Contact Resistance Tester, Endurance Tester, Gauges for Checking Interchangeability, Insertion Force Tester, Plug-Pin Deflection Tester, Torsim Tester for Plug Pins, Tumbling Barrel, Withdrawal Force Tester, Withdrawal Pull Gauges

    • For Testing Switches: Contact Resistance/Temperature Rise Tester, Pull Tester, Tumbling Barrel

    • For Testing Terminals: Flexion Tester, Conductor Deflection Tester

    • For Testing Thermostats: Apparatus for Testing Calibration Accuracy and Differential, Endurance Tester, Test Tank

    • For Testing Water Heaters: Endurance Tester, Hydraulic Pressure Tester

  • Foams

    • For Testing Latex Foam: Compression Set Apparatus, Flex Tester, Humidity Chamber, Indentation Hardness Tester, Soft Material Thickness Gauge

    • For Testing Polyurethane Foam: Air Flow Tester, Ball Resilience Tester, Compression Set Apparatus, Flammability tester, Humidity Chamber, Indentation Hardness Tester, Pounding Tester, Repeated Compression Tester, Shear Fatigue Tester, Tensile Testing Machine, Soft Material Thickness Gauge

    • For Testing Rigid Insulating Materials: Apparatus for Determination of Impenetrable Volume, Compression Tester, Flammability Tester, Heat Distortion Tester, Humidity Chamber, Pycnometer

    • For Testing Rubberized Coir: Compression Set Apparatus, Flex Tester

  • Helmets

    • For Testing Helmets: Apparatus for Measuring Opening Angle of Visors, Audibility Test Apparatus, Clearance Tester, Chin Strap Anchorage Tester, Corrosion Resistance Rester, Equipment for Dynamic Test of Retention System and Retention Test, Flammability Tester, Humidity Chamber, Impact Absorption Tester, Lamp Bracket & Cable Clip Strength Tester, Leakage Current Tester, Penetration Tester, Rigidity Tester, Ultra-Voilet Conditioning Chamber, Wooden Head Forms

  • Leather/Footwear

    • For Testing Footwear: Abrasion Tester For Insole, Apparatus for Resistance to Hot Contact, Compression Tester, Compression Set Apparatus (for Soling Material), Creep Tester, Electric Resistance Tester, Flex Testers, Heat Insulation Tester, High Voltage Tester, Hydrolysis Testing, Leakage Tester, Last Profile Tester, Martindale Abrasion Tester, Nail Penetration Resistance Tester, Sole Adhesion Tester, Specific Gravity Balances, Split Tear Tester, Toe Cap Impact Tester, Rotating Drum Abrasion Tester ( DIN Abrader), Wear Tester for Shoe Laces

    • For Testing Leather: Abrasion Tester for Sole Leather, Bending Resistance (Stiffness) Tester, Color Fastness Testers, Crockmeter, Heat Resistance Tester, Rub Proofness Tester  Veslic Rub Fasteners Tester, Finish Film Adhesion Tester, Flexometer, Grain Strength Tester, Crackiness Tester, Folding Tester, Kubelka Apparatus, Lastometer, Scuff Resistance Tester, Shrinkage Tester, Tensile Testing Machine, Two-Dimensional Extension Tester, Water Resistance Tester, Permeometer, Spray Tester, Water Vapor Absorption Tester, Water Vapour Permeability Tester

    • For Testing Leather Bellows: Flexing Endurance Tester, Leakage & Ballooning Tester, Maximum Stretch Tester

  • Metals, Wires & Pipes

    • For Testing Buffer Springs Used In Rolling Stock: Compression Endurance Tester, Impact Endurance Tester

    • For Testing Enamelled Copper Wires: Abrasion Tester, Cut Through Tester, Elongation Tester, High Voltage Tester, Jerk Tester, Mandrel Wrapping Apparatus, Pin Hole Tester, Peeling Tester, Springiness Tester, Torsion Tester, Twisting Device

    • For Testing Metals: Abrasion Tester (Dry Sand-Rubber Wheel), Bending Tester, Compression Tester for Iron Pellets, Erichsen Deep Draw Tester (for sheets), Hydrogen Loss Tester (for powder), Heating Cycle Tester (for ASCR fittings), Rotary Fatigue Tester, Torsion testing Machine, Tumbler Tester (for iron oxide lump cores), Vickers Hardness Tester, Wear Resistence Tester for Coating

    • For Testing Steel Pipes: Bending Tester, Drop Weight Tear Tester, Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

    • For Testing Springs: Tension cum Compression Spring Testing Machine, Torsion Spring Testing Machine

    • For Testing Spring Clip For Railway Track: Toe Load Tester

    • For Testing Wires & Strips: Reverse Bending Tester, Stiffness Tester, Torsion Tester, Tensile Testing Machine, Wrapping Tester

  • Paints

    • For Testing Paints: Accelerated Leaching Apparatus, Adhesion Tester, Automatic Pigment Muller  Prolific-test-equipment, Consistency Test Apparatus (Flow Cup), Corrosion Cabinet, Cross Cut Tester, Dish for Determination of Volatile Matter Content, Erichsen Cupping Tester, Fire Retardability Tester, Hardness Testers, Buchlolz Indentation Tester, Konig Pendulum Tester, Persoz Pendulum Tester, Non-Slip Tester for deck paints, Mandrel Bend Testers, Conical Mandrel Bend Tester, Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Tester, Pressure Tester, Resistance to Sulphur-dioxide Tester, Salt Spray Chamber, Scratch Hardness Tester, Wear Tester for Road Marking Paints, Weight per Ten Litre Cup (Pyknometer), Wet Abrasion Tester

  • Paper & Packaging Materials

    • For Testing Paper & Paper Board: Bending Resistance (Stiffness) Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Crush Tester, Elmendorf Tear Tester, Folding Endurance Testers, MIT Folding Tester, Schopper Folding Tester, GSM Balance (Quadrant Scale), Humidity Chamber, Ink Rub Tester, Muffle Furnace (Ash content determination),  Oil Absorbency Tester, Round Sample Cutter, Sizing Tester (Cobb Apparatus),Strip Cutter, Tensile Testing Machine, Thickness Gauge, Water Vapour Permeability Tester

    • For Testing Paper Tubes: Collapse Tester

    • For Testing Plastic Packaging Films: Coefficient of Friction Tester (Slip Apparatus), Dart Impact Tester, Elmendorf Tear Tester, Gas Permeability Tester, Gelbo Flex Tester, Heat Sealer, Ink Rub Tester, Pin Holes & Weak Point Tester, Puncture Propagation Strength Tester, Peel Strength Tester (Bond Tester), Stiffness Tester, Tensile Testing Machine  Thickness Gauge

    • For Testing Transport Packages/Cartons: Compression Strength Tester, Drop Tester

  • Plastic & Plastic Products

    • For Testing Plastic: Carbon Black Content Determination Apparatus, Carbon Black Dispersion Apparatus, Delamination Resistance Tester, Dry Arc Tracking Resistance Tester, Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Apparatus, Flexural Strength Tester, Flammability Tester, Gel Time Apparatus, Impact Tester (Falling Weight Type), Marten's Softening Point Apparatus, Melt Flow Index Apparatus, Migration Apparatus, Oxygen Index Apparatus, Specific Gravity Balances, Temperature of Deflection under Load Tester (HDT Tester), Tensile Heat Distortion Apparatus, Tensile Testing Machine, Toxicity Index Apparatus, Tracking Index Apparatus, Transparency Tester, Universal Testing Machine, Vicat Softening Point Apparatus

    • For Testing Plastic Pipes: Co-efficient of Friction Tester  Compression Testing Machine, Crushing Tester, Heat Distortion Tester, ECSR Apparatus, Hydrostatic Pressure Tester, Lap Shear Strength Tester (for Solvent Cement), Melt Flow Index Apparatus, Muffle Furnance, Opacity Tester, Pi-Tapes, Piper Wall Thickness Gauge, Specific Gravity Balance, Stiffness Tester, Solar Light Resistance Tester, Vacuum Test Apparatus, Water Bath

    • For Testing Water Storage Tanks: Impact Resistance Tester, Melt Flow Index Apparatus, Tensile Testing Machine

  • Rubber & Rubber Products

    • Common Test Equipments for Testing Rubber: Abrasion Testers, Ageing Ovens, Multi-Cell Ageing Oven, Compression Set, Fatigue to Failure Tester, Flex Tester, Gas Permeability Tester, Hardness Testers, Impact Resilience Tester, Laboratory Moulding Press, Low Temperature Brittleness Tester, Mooney Viscometer, Moulds for Preparing Rubber Specimens, Muffle Furnace, Rapid Modulus Apparatus, Rapid Plastic meter, Resistance to Wetting Tester, Specific Gravity Balance, Specimen Cutting Press, Specimen Cutting Dies, Stress Relaxation Tester, Tensile Testing Machine, Tension Test Apparatus, Thickness Gauge, Yerzley Oscillograph,

    • For Testing Automobile Rubber Tyres: Endurance Tester, Plunger Depression Tester, For Testing Conveyor Belts, Drum Friction Tester, Electrical Characteristics Tester, Fire Resistance Tester, Flammability Tester, Roughness Tester, Burning Tester,

    • For Testing LPG Tubes: Crushing Tester, Flexibility Tester, Grip Strength Tester, LPG Resistance Tester, Pressure Tester

    • For Testing Grooved Rubber Sole Plates: Compression Set Apparatus, Fixture for Determination of Load Versus Deflection Characteristics, Tension Set Apparatus

    • For Testing Rubber Condoms: Bursting Pressure Tester, Length/Width Measuring Apparatus, Water Leakage Tester

    • For Testing Rubber Hoses: Cold Flex Tester, Hydrostatic Pressure Tester, Vacuum Tester

    • For Testing Rubber Membrane: Creep Tester, Deflection Tester,

    • For Testing V-Belts: Belt Pitch Length Tester, Gauges for Cross Section

  • Sports Goods & Toys

    • For Testing Cricket & Hockey Balls: Bounce Tester, Hardness/Impact Resistance Tester, Wear Resistance Tester

    • For Testing Toys: Accessibility Probes, Compression Tester, Digital Screw Driver, Drop Tester, Durability Tester for Mouth Actuated Toys, Sharp Point Tester, Sharp Edge Test Apparatus, Small Part Cylinder, Stability Tester, Strength Tester, Templates & Gauges,

    • For Testing Volleyball/Football/Rugby Ball: Bounce Tester, Compression Fatigue Tester, Diameter cum Sphericity Tester, Sphericity Tester, Shooter Tester, Water Uptake Tester, Circumference Measuring Jig

  • Textile Materials

    • For Testing Bitumen Felts: Ductility Tester, Hydrostatic Dome tester, Pliability Tester, Storage Sticking & Heat Resistance Tester

    • For Testing Coated Fabrics: Bursting Strength Tester  Coating Adhesion Tester, Colour Fastness Testers, Crockmeter, Exposure Rack, Crush Resistance Tester, Flammability Tester, Flat Loop Flexibility Tester, Flexing Testers, De Mattia Flex Tester Flexometer,  Schildknecht Flex Tester, Vamp Flex Tester, GSM Balance (Quadrant Type), Humidity Chamber, Hydrostatic Resistance Tester, Low Temperature Bending Tester, Tear Tester (Elmendorf type)  Tensile Testing Machine, Thickness Gauge, Water Penetration Resistance Tester, Water Vapour Permeability Tester

    • For Testing Carpets: Colour Fastness Testers, Dynamic Loading Tester, Flammability Tester, Static Loading Tester, Tetrapod Walker, Thickness Gauge, Tuft Withdrawal Tester, Wrinkle Resistance Tester

    • For Testing Elastic Tapes: Repeated Stretching Tester

    • For Testing Fabrics: Abrasion Testers, Air Permeability Testers, Beasley Balance, Tensile Testing Machine Breaking Strength Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Colour Fastness Testers, Crease Recovery Tester, Crimp Tester, Drapemeter, Dry Cleaning Machine, Fabric Inspection Machine, Flammability Testers, GSM Balance (Quadrant Scale), Humidity Chamber, Muffle Furnace, Round Sample Cutter, Pilling Tester, Shrinkage Testers, Stiffness Tester, Sublimation Tester, Sweating Test Jig, Tearing Strength Testers, Tongue Tear Tester, Thermal Conductivity Apparatus, Thickness Gauges, Transverse Thread Counter, Water Proofness Testers, Water Vapour Permeability Tester

    • For Testing Felts & Filter Fabrics: Air Permeability Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Filter Efficiency Tester, Humidity Chamber, Muffle Furnace, Tensile Strength cum Splitting Resistance Tester,

    • For Testing Slide Fasteners: Abrasion Resistance Tester, Colour fastness Tester, Heat Resistance Tester, Reciprocation Tester, Security/Tensile Strength Tester

    • For Testing Touch & Close Fasteners (valcro Tapes): Endurance Tester

    • For Testing Yarns: Breaking Strength Tester, Crimp Rigidity Tester, Heat Shrinkage Tester, Nep Counting Template (for silver & rovings), Twist Tester, Wrap Blocks, Wrap Reel, Yarn Count Balance (Quadrant Balance), Yarn Evenness Tester (Visual Type), Yarn Package Hardness Tester

  • Miscellaneous Products

    • For Testing Activated Carbon Gravity Filters: Air Permeability Tester

    • For Testing Carbon Black Pallets: Crush Strength Tester

    • For Testing Cycle Rims: Compression Tester

    • For Testing Fire Extinguisher: Hydrostatic Tester, Tapping Tester

    • For Testing Fumigation Covers: Bursting Strength Tester, Fumigant Retention Tester, Seam Strength Tester

    • For Testing Gasket Material: Compression and Recovery Tester

    • For Testing Glass Fiber Mats: Porosity Tester,  Thickness Gauge, Tear Tester

    • For Testing LPG Regulator: Cycle Test Apparatus

    • For Testing Mineral Wool: Apparatus for Determining Relative Thermal Insulation, Apparent Density under Load Apparatus, Compression Resistance Tester, Elutriater (for Determining Shot Contents), Flammability Tester, Humidity Chamber, Jolting Apparatus, Thickness Gauge, Vibration Tester

    • For Testing Plated/Anodized Components: Salt Spray Chamber     

    • For Testing Printed Circuit Board: Abrasion Resistance Tester, Apparatus for Determination of Peel Strength of Coating, Apparatus for Solderability Testing

    • For Testing Rocks: Point Load Strength Tester     

    • For Testing Welding Electrode Holders: Glow Wire Tester, Repeated Pull Tester, Temperature Rise Tester

Key Personnel
Mr. G. P. Kedia
Mr. D. C. Aggarwal
(Partner )
Mr. Subhash Jain
(Partner )
D-91, Sector-2, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone :91-120-4334481/4334482/4334483/3053325
Mr. G. P. Kedia (Partner)
Mobile :+919810122896, +919810161831
Mr. D. C. Aggarwal (Partner )
Mobile :+919810161831
Mr. Subhash Jain (Partner )

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